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    Loving hands aims to facilitate helpless people in Syria, Iraq, Eastern Ukraine and Libya; there are drastic shortages of food, water, clothing, medicine and medical supplies. We are extending hands to fullfil their needs by raising fund. As the funds and our organization grows we can help more people in a qualitative way.

    Your help and cooperation can make a huge difference and keep us helping helpless people dying in war torn countries. Your every cent is invested in facilitating and helping the deserving people. Big or small your every gift helps in transforming lives. We need your support to succeed in our aim and goals. Join us if you want to help us to keep people from dying in war torn countries due to hunger and absence of essentials.

    Donate now to save lives. To join Loving Hands in this Nobel cause you can:
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    Thanks to every hand that is kind enough to join us in helping cause needy people waiting for your help.

Join the Fight against Child Cancer.

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Donate for Child Cancer

Childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease today, yet treatments designed for a child’s body remain frustratingly out-of-reach.

    Our Organization is the largest national grassroots organization standing at the forefront of the battle against childhood cancer.
    Thanks to evry hand atah is kind enought to join us in a cause helping needy people waiting( awaiting) for your help.

Founded by parents who themselves have faced this challenge, and joined by a national community of families and survivors, Loving Hands is uniquely committed to improving the lives of children and families living with cancer and its long-term side effects, as well as bringing ever-greater awareness to the need for new, more effective treatments appropriate for cancer’s youngest warriors. From providing the highest quality resources designed for children and families, to coordinating local assistance to families in need, to leading national (and even international) advocacy campaigns for greater awareness and ever-more research, Loving Hands is dedicated to giving every child facing childhood cancer a fighting chance at a healthy, happy future. Our goal is to paretner with the top leading global child hod cancer researchers to find a cure to every forum of cancer.

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